Powered by Chocolate Milk giveaway!!

Hey everyone!

As you know, I’m a proud Powered by Chocolate Milk ambassador, and I have an exciting announcement! I have 5 prize packs to give away, just like the photo below. They contain lots of awesome items for your workout including a $50 Running Room gift card, an aluminum water bottle, dri-fit shirt, and of course chocolate milk!

There are three simple steps you must do to enter this giveaway:
1. Leave a comment on this blog with details on your favourite post-workout recovery tip
2. Send me a tweet on twitter such as, “I just entered to win a @pbchocolatemilk prize pack on @lelandguillemin blog. #pbcm”
3. Follow me, @lelandguillemin on twitter!
At the end of the week on Friday April 11, I’ll be announcing the names of five lucky winners. Don’t forget to follow me so I can get your contact information! Winners must live in Western Canada. (BC, AB, MB or SK)

This campaign will run until the Powered Up by Chocolate Milk Packages have all been won.

Each package will contain the following:

• 1x insulated lunch bag
• 1x PBCM aluminum water bottle
• 1x PBCM dri fit shirt
• 1x $50 Running Room gift card
• 1x ice pack
• 2x cartons of chocolate milk
• 1x personalized chatter sheet and PBCM stickers


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31 Responses to Powered by Chocolate Milk giveaway!!

  1. Pete S says:

    Hey Leland, great blog! My favorite post workout recovery tip is: make sure you leave enough time to finish your workout with a light stretching session.

  2. Riley Norman says:

    Coincidentally I also find chocolate milk as a great after workout snack!

  3. Emily says:

    Hey Leland, I love chocolate milk for recovery! Apart from a glass of chocolate milk, my favourite workout recover tip is: light aerobic warm-down followed by food/drink followed by lying on the floor with your legs up the wall. #Legsupthewall feels great! I find it relaxes my low back and makes my legs feel light, and it just feels good generally!

  4. Matt Clarke says:

    After my work outs and training season I come home and drink a chocolate powdered whey protein and water drink. I also usually eat chocolate as I know it’ll convert into energy sooner and not hurt my girlish figure :p

  5. Melanie says:

    Stretch and rehydrate 🙂

  6. Derek says:

    After a workout I normally stretch and eat some carbs to refuel. Chocolate milk works great for that.

  7. Gail Kesslar says:

    I’m less active than I used to be – and now walking and yoga are about as strenuous as I’ve gotten for the last while, but post activity, a banana and water was about all I usually went for. It wasn’t until seeing your “Powered by Chocolate Milk” campaign, that I discovered that Chocolate Milk wasn’t just a “treat” but an actual aid to recovery! So thanks for the info and keep up the good work!

  8. Matt Cherry says:

    Option #1 – Chocolate Milk, protein, peanut butter, and a banana all blended up! Sooooo good! Option #2 – Cold beer!

  9. Bobby says:

    Stretch and chocolate milk!!!!

  10. David Addley says:

    Sleeping is the best way to recover.

  11. Josh S says:

    Always need to stretch and get drink some fluids. Chocolate milk is great for that 😉

  12. A scoop of protein whey isolate (some BCAA’s for good measure) mixed with coconut water and OJ its the perfect recovery for me. Helps with energy, water recovery and muscle recovery all in one go.

  13. Lisa Hagen says:

    I always end a work out with some core and lots of stretching. And a snack containing protein like cheese and some fruit.

  14. Laura says:

    I love tons of water and some deep slow yoga. Slow down the mind and body. Also I usually eat a banana 🙂 Hey, do you know my pal Shannon Commerford? We grew up together, and I used to fence back in the day with her when I took lessons a zillion years ago!
    Also my cousin is Derek Millions. Small world 🙂

  15. Brad says:

    Lots of carbs, and a protein shake.

  16. Post workout, I like to do some light work on the bike, stretch, protein and plenty of fluids! And shower of course!

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