The Big Leagues

ImageOn March 22nd I fly to Vancouver to compete against the best fencers in all of the world. I have competed in a couple German circuits which showcased a few of the best fencers, but I have never competed in a Grand Prix tournament. The order of prestige for fencing tournaments goes:

  • Olympics (Every 4 years)
  • World Championships (once a year)
  • Pan-American Championships (once a year)
  • Grand Prix (3 a year)
  • World Cup (5 a year)

Each country can only send a select few athletes to compete at each of these tournaments, so there is a qualification system put in place to ensure the best of the country are in attendance. Typically for Grand Prix and World Cup events Canada can send up to 8 fencers to compete. In Canada, we have a HPP (High Performance Program) set up to fairly rank the fencers in Canada. This is my first year in the program and I’m currently ranked 5th. What does this mean? It means I qualify to fence at the World Cups and Grand Prix events around the world. This weekend will be my first ever event of this caliber.

I’ve always dreamed of competing against the best in the world, and I am very pleased to say that I have the opportunity to test my skills against the best of the best – in the big leagues.

I don’t know how I will do this weekend, but I am ready to go dive in full force and see what I can do. I will review my fencing and learn from my mistakes!

Wish me luck!



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One Response to The Big Leagues

  1. Jo-Anne says:

    Good luck!!!

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